Fontanot takes part in the building of the first Class A apartment block in Emilia Romagna by supplying the stainless steel railings for the balconies from its Railing collection. The building is manufactured by Tre S.r.l. in Ravenna is the first of the region to receive the important certification on the part of the CasaClima Agency.

Respecting the environment and making products with a low polluting impact are one of the strong points of Fontanot’s research and development. For this reason, the supply of Railing’s stainless steel railings to Tre S.r.l. is twice as important.

The first class A apartment block in Emilia Romagna is composed of 22 apartments (two room and four room flats), each with an energy consumption of only 22 kW square meter: 8 less than the maximum limit for the category established by the certification committee of the self-governing province of Bolzano.

One of the goals, for example, is to heat one room of the building with the equivalent of two candles, tank to a special system that uses the heat taken away from the premises during the warm summer months.

The provision of about 300 meters of stainless steel Fontanot Railing underlines the high quality of Fontanot’s products and its will to be on the front line in the creation of innovative projects that have environmental respect among its objectives.